The Babies Room is a caring, calm, nurturing, friendly and safe place. Emotional needs are paramount at this age and the loving staff ensuring that your child feels secure in the room with lots of reassurance and warmth.

Individual routines are followed in the room. Generally permanent cots are allocated for familiarity and to promote a positive sleeping environment. The cots are separated from the general play area to avoid interference from other children, yet are still part of the room to enable staff supervision at all times.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided to meet the individual needs of your child and you only need to provide formula or expressed breast milk (if required). All special diets, allergies and educational diets are catered for.

The structure of the room caters for the very young to the toddler, allowing all ages the freedom to explore both indoors and out. Younger children are provided with lots of sensory stimulating experiences such as mobiles, ribbons, cushions and comfort toys.  The older children are provided the opportunity to build concentration through puzzles and blocks, as well as a wide range of art experiences.  The room also provides lots of music, movement for all ages, stories, group time, songs, nursery rhymes and action rhymes to ensure that the children are stimulated in a variety of ways.

As with all rooms, educators maintain detailed individual records on your child's skills and developmental milestones achieved.