The Early Learners Room is a busy place where children can move from babyhood to toddlerdom in a safe, warm, nurturing and secure environment. From two years’ old, toddlers begin to develop many new skills such as: listening to and following instructions, concentrating in groups, imaginative play and these areas become the focus of a large range of activities at GreythornECC. Our EL Room caters for 22 children aged between 2years old and 5 years old.

To facilitate a desire to explore new activities, the room is designed to be beautiful to the toddler eye. Visually stimulating colours, the use of pretty mosquito netting, children’s artwork on walls and art equipment and activities provided in baskets instead of the standard plastic tubs provide the toddler with a colourful and rich environment to learn and play. All types of art forms are offered: play doh, crayons, paint, messy play, colouring, pasting, stamping so that the children are exposed to a large variety of art experiences.

The Early Learners Room is a place where the imagination is boundary-less. A home corner is provided to facilitate the many and varied aspects of imaginary play: washing and bathing of babies, ironing, cooking, cleaning, car play and so forth. The emergence of self-help skills also commences at this time and the children are encouraged to wash their own faces, get ready for bed, feed themselves and begin to gain a sense of independence.

Group time is another opportunity for toddlers to gain confidence in communicating and existing within a group environment and also to build on concentration and listening skills. This is a time for songs, books, stories, rhymes and actions. Dancing and movement is also used to teach children to follow directions and to improve gross motor skills.

No toddler would be happy without outdoor activities and as such a focus on outdoor and gross motor skills forms a strong component of the Toddlers program. Climbing equipment, bikes, sand pit and water play, balancing planks, digging, and sliding all comprise elements of the busy outdoor playtime for the toddlers.

Toilet training also usually commences during the child’s stay in the Toddlers room. However toileting is only introduced in consultation with the parents and the carers and only when the toddler is emotionally and physically ready to toilet.