Greythorn Early Childhood Centre provides quality, community based, long day care and Kindergarten for 40 children each week day, aged between 6 weeks old and school age. The Centre strives to distinguish itself from others in the area by the quality of the staff, the programs and policies, but most importantly through its innovative approaches to the provision of quality care

Our Vision:

  • To be recognised as a Centre of Excellencethat provides the highest quality experiences for children and their families in long day care and Kindergarten, providing innovative and sound practices.
  • To set the standards and provide a best practice benchmark in childcare within Victoria.
  • To keep up to date with current research.

Our Values:

Excellence – Experienced, creative and reliable

Integrity – Professional, honest and trustworthy

Teamwork – Working together collegially and towards shared goals, across our individual roles, rooms and the children in our care.

Communication – We recognise that effective communication is a vital factor in providing care that is personally individualised. We rely on families to share intimate knowledge of their child each day in order to provide care that is consistent with the home environment and to develop a program which reflects an understanding of each other’s changing needs throughout their growth and development.

Diversity – The use of multicultural, non gender bias, special needs and environmentally sensitive equipment, books, music and posters also reinforces our program’s goals..

Life Skills – we respect the diversity in our community and aim to equip our children with the life skills which will enable them to experience fulfilling and rewarding participation within that community through innovative, best practice programs. We encourage and provide opportunities to work together cooperatively, to explore human relationships and to practice nonviolent conflict resolution strategies, as well as an environment where a natural sense of curiosity can be nurtured.


The Service’s philosophy is based on the following six principles:

Partnerships between staff and parents:  We value the role of the family in a child’s life and recognise the support that parents and staff can provide to each other as active partners in the care and education of their child.  We encourage families to play an active part in their child’s care and discuss with them ways in which they can become involved in the Centre that are meaningful to them and that benefit the children.

Nurturing and educating children:  We recognise that the Centre plays a key role in developing trusting, secure and loving relationships by providing a warm and safe environment that fosters the child’s self-confidence as well as develops social skills.

Learning through enquiry and discovery:  We acknowledge the importance of play as a medium for many aspects of development and learning; valuing positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviour.

Respect for individuality:  We treasure each child irrespective of her or his gender, race, religion, ethnic or social background; and know that they learn in their own way and at their own pace.

Highest Talent:  We understand the value of retaining, developing and attracting the best talent available - staff who are consummate professionals driven to be and do their best knowing the development of their knowledge and skills play an important role in the lives of the children they care for.  This value leads potential staff to regard the Centre as an employer of choice and families are encouraged by this knowledge to entrust their children’s care to GreythornECC.

Sustainability:  We recognise the need for the practical application of sustainability principals in regards to the built environment and environs.  In particular, the responsible use of energy and water, management of waste and respect for the natural environment underpin decision-making and the daily activities of the Centre. A respect for the environment influences the communications we have with children and the activities and resources we use. We also support the considered application of new technologies that promote sustainability.